Teenage girl denies night Angela Wrightson died was 'most exciting' of her life

One of the girls accused of killing Angela Wrightson has denied that the evening she and her co-defendant attacked the frail alcoholic was the "most exciting night" of her life.

Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 2:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 2:41 pm
Angela Wrightson.

The older girl accused of murdering Ms Wrightson was finishing giving her evidence under cross-examination from prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC at her trial at Leeds Crown Court.

The girl admitted that she had been drinking alcohol and taking drugs on the night of the attack and had used her "fists and feet" to hurt the victim, but denied using 12 different weapons to attack her in 12 separate areas of Ms Wrightson's living room at her Stephen Street home.

Questioning her about the night of the killing, Mr Campbell then said to her: "I suggest that you were both on a high, do you understand what I mean by that?" to which the girl replied: "No."

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He then said to her: "I suggest that this night turned out to be the most exciting night of your life with (younger defendant), do you accept that?"

Again, the girl replied "no".

Mr Campbell then asked the girl: "I suggest that you have both decided together to kill Angela Wrightson. That you both intended at the very least to cause her really serious bodily harm.

And that that you have both tried to cover it up since."

The older defendant replied "no" to all of the suggestions put forward by Mr Campbell.

Finally, when asked if she still hoped that there was a future for the relationship between her and her co-accused, the girl also said "no".

Earlier, the girl had admitted hearing her the younger defendant say to her "bray her or smash her head in" while she was on the phone to another girl.

The older defendant however denied hearing her co-accused say: "f****** kill her," during the same phone conversation while they were in Ms Wrightson's house.

Mr Campbell said to the girl: "That's a lie (older girl) I suggest. Is that a lie?"

"No," replied the defendant.

The trial continues.