Teenage girl’s 12,000ft parachute jump

Amy Bain on her skydive with a trained expert
Amy Bain on her skydive with a trained expert

A FEARLESS teen sky-dived from 12,000ft as part of a dardevil birthday bid to raise charity cash.

Teenage girls who are about to turn 16 would typically ask relatives for gifts of perfume, make-up, jewellery, clothes, or possibly even gig tickets for their 16th birthdays.

Amy Bain on her skydive

Amy Bain on her skydive

But not Hartlepool’s Amy Bain!

In the run up to her sweet sixteenth she shocked her family with a request which left them biting their nails with nervousness.

She asked them to sponsor her to carry out an jump at Shotton Airfield, in Shotton Colliery, to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation, which helps to fulfil the dreams of seriously ill youngsters.

Although she was nervous before the almighty jump, Amy was thrilled to complete it, despite being blown a mile off course due to strong winds and landing in a farmer’s field.

Amy, a Manor College of Technology pupil, made £450 from the challenge which she and her family have already handed over to the good cause.

Her proud and relieved dad Andrew Bain said: “Amy was quite nervous on the day, she was just really quiet whereas normally she’s dead gobby.

“But she soon returned to her normal self afterwards and said she would actually like to do it again because it was all such a blur.

“She would know now where she could relax and which bits she could enjoy.

“She was in awe of it all. She said the free-fall was amazing, and the guy she jumped with was pointing out all of the landmarks to her.”

A crowd of about a dozen of Amy’s family went to watch her make the jump, including her mum Lisa Bain, 42, who was beside herself with worry the whole time.

“The wife was nervous and in tears,” said Andrew, a foster carer from the Rossmere area of Hartlepool. “You couldn’t even see the plane when it was at its highest, it was just a dot.

“It wasn’t until a few seconds later that you could see them coming down and she went about a mile off course. They had to send a quad bike to get them!

“My wife could only relax when she’d landed, mam’s worry so much more than dads!”

Amy had wanted to complete the sky dive since she was about 10 or 11 years old but the minimum legal age to do it is 16.