Teenager accused of killing Angela Wrightson admits she did not tell police the truth

Angela Wrightson.
Angela Wrightson.

A teenage girl accused of the murder of Angela Wrightson has admitted she did not tell the truth in an interview with police.

The girl, now 14, and another aged 15 deny murdering Ms Wrighton at her Stephen Street home in December 2014.

The younger girl was asked by Nicolas Campbell QC, prosecuting, about an interview she had given to police shortly after Ms Wrightson’s death, in which she had claimed the older girl had attacked Ms Wrightson with a table and she had tried to calm her down.

“You told the police you were telling (the older girl) to behave,” said Mr Campbell. “Were you doing that?”

“No,” she replied.

Mr Campbell continued: “There are a number of occasions in this interview where you say you told (the older girl) to behave. Did you tell her to behave at any time?”

“No,” she said.

Asked why she had not done so, she said: “Because I did not realise what was happening.”

Judge Justice Charles Globe asked the girl why she had not told the truth and she replied: “Because I was worrying.” Asked what about, she said; “Like just everything, what was happening.”

“Why did you tell the police something that was not right?” asked Mr Globe. “I don’t know,” said the girl.

In interview, the girl had told police Ms Wrightson had gone into the kitchen and come back with a knife: “Angie was standing up, so I pushed her and I said ‘Stay away, Angie,’I said: ‘Don’t touch me with that knife’.”

The girl had earlier denied pushing Ms Wrightson and asked by Mr Campbell why her evidence did not agree with her statement, she replied: “I can’t remember pushing her,” and agreed it was possible she had done so.

She was asked about what she had told a fellow inmate at a unit about the murder.

“Did you describe (the older girl) as your ‘Co-Dee’ and did you tell her your ‘Co-Dee’ ‘went mental’?” asked Mr Campbell.

“Yeah,” she replied.

But she denied saying she had joined in the violence.

l The trial continues