Teenager 'had taken blues' before alleged murder of Angela Wrightson

Angela Wrightson
Angela Wrightson

A court heard how the two teenage girls accused of killing Angela Wrightson had known each other from a young age but were not "best friends".

Continuing his summing up of the case, the judge presiding over the trial Mr Justice Henry Globe told the hearing at Leeds Crown Court that both defendants, aged 13 and 14 at the time Ms Wrightson was brutally attacked in her Hartlepool home, accepted that they had known each other from being small.

The pair would often meet up and then go missing together, Mr Justice Globe said.

One witness had seen the defendants meet up one day more than a month before Ms Wrightson's death on December 8, and described seeing the alleged killers "embrace as if they were long-lost friends".

The court was told how the younger girl had been told by friends she should not hang around with the older defendant because "she was a bad influence" on her. The pair had each been to Ms Wrightson's home on a number of occasions because she would go to a nearby shop and buy alcohol and cigarettes for them.

They would often then drink what Ms Wrightson had bought in her home. Both girls said they had never been to the house alone despite visiting on several occasions.

The older girl, now 15, has told the hearing that she had drank alcohol since she was 11 and since the age of 11 or 12 had been taking drugs and tablets such as tramadol and codine.

She said she had also taken a substance called "blues" which after consuming sometimes "white stuff would come out of your mouth".

The judge also read through statements and evidence given about an alleged incident at Ms Wrightson's home a few weeks before her death, when a witness, Andrea Robinson, is said to have seen the two defendants "bully" the victim, by knocking ornaments from the mantelpiece in her living room.

Both girls deny that the incident happened and that Ms Robinson, who said she had known Ms Wrightson for more than 15 years, had asked the girls to upstairs in Ms Wrightson's home with them and help her put some of the victim's items into a plastic bag.

The trial is set to resume on Monday at 9.30am when Mr Justice Globe will continue his summing up of the case.