Teenager stole charity boxes, took school computers – and breached bail 39 times

Manor College of Technology
Manor College of Technology

A criminal who breached his bail 39 times has been jailed for 22 months for two burglaries and two driving offences.

Luke Dobie, 19, stole Apple computers valued at £6,000 from a town school and two charity boxes from a sports centre, Teesside Crown Court heard.

It comes after Dobie, from Hartlepool, breached bail conditions 39 times in around a month.

A judge locked up Dobie and said he has shown little regard for court orders.

“Both of the burglaries happened on the same evening,” said Emma Atkinson, prosecuting.

“Dobie broke into the music room of Manor College in Hartlepool.

“He and an accomplice were caught on CCTV leaving the premises with the computers, which were never recovered.

“A member of the college’s staff said later the burglary had caused inconvenience and upset at the college.

“A number of students lost work stored on the stolen computers, which they had to do again.”

The court heard Dobie and his accomplice broke into Brierton sports centre later the same evening.

“They took charity boxes containing a small amount of cash,” added Ms Atkinson.

“Dobie was identified from blood he left at the scene.

“He admitted the offences when questioned by the police, but refused to name his accomplice.”

Dobie, 19, of Rugby Street, Hartlepool, admitted two offences of burglary, both on September 28.

At a hearing earlier this week at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court, Dobie admitted breach of bail, and two charges of driving while disqualified on December 4 and December 12.

No details of Dobie’s admitted 39 breaches of bail were given to the magistrates.

Jim Withyman, defending at the crown court hearing, said: “Mr Dobie was given six months by the magistrates, and I cannot argue the inevitable sentence for the burglaries should not be consecutive.

“His best mitigation for those offences is his co-operation with the police and his plea of guilty.

“Mr Dobie tells me he is sorry for what he did, and he is determined to make this his last prison sentence.”

Judge Simon Phillips QC jailed Dobie for 16 months for the burglaries.

The judge told him: “You have built up a long record for such a young man.

“The courts have tried to help you in the past, but you have shown little regard for court orders.

“Up to now you have made little or no effort to alter your behaviour.”

The judge ordered the burglary sentence to begin at the end of the six months Dobie was given for the driving and bail offences.