Teenagers who robbed paperboy back in court for breaching sentences

Teesside Crown Court
Teesside Crown Court

Two young men who robbed a paperboy breached their community sentences within months of being given them

Michael Dalkin had his 15-month suspended sentence activated in full by Judge Howard Crowson at Teesside Crown Court.

The judge issued a warrant for the arrest of William Harrison who attended late at court, but failed to return after lunch when his breach of sentence was due to be dealt with.

Prosecutor David Crook told the court the pair were ‘up to no good’ in the early morning around Owton Manor Lane in Hartlepool.

“The paperboy first became aware of the pair when they approached him and wanted to talk.

“One had a green scarf around part of his face, and the other was wearing a balaclava with a skull motif.

“The paperboy was uneasy because both appeared agitated.”

The court was told one of the defendants asked to see the paperboy’s mobile phone.

“He refused,” said Mr Crook. “One of the defendants said he would stab him if he did not give him the phone.

“The paperboy was pushed to ground, and felt a pain in his chest as the phone was taken from his pocket.

“The weapon used was a red-handled screwdriver, which Harrison had also used in an earlier attempt to burgle a bungalow.”

Harrison, 17, of Lealholm Road, Hartlepool, admitted robbery January 17.

Dalkin, 18, of Northbourne Road, Stockton, admitted robbery on the same date.

When they were dealt with in June, Dalkin was given 15 months, suspended for two years.

Harrison was given a 12-month youth rehabilitation order.

The court heard Dalkin breached the conditions of his sentence by not turning up for probation appointments on numerous occasions.

Harrison breached his sentence by stealing a bicycle.

Sending Dalkin to prison for 15 months, Judge Crowson told him: “You were before me recently for breaching the sentence when I gave you another chance to comply.

“You have since failed to attend yet more appointments offered to you, so there is now no alternative but to activate the sentence.”