Ten Syrian families to be housed in Hartlepool

Families fleeing war-torn Syria.
Families fleeing war-torn Syria.

Up to 10 families fleeing war-torn Syria are set to be helped by Hartlepool after a government plea for support to the refugee crisis was answered by the council.

The local authority has agreed to work with partner agencies to help resettle vulnerable refugee families.

They have asked us to indicate the number of refugees we can accommodate. In the first instance there will be up to 10 families.

Gill Alexander Chief Executive Hartlepool Council

During a meeting of the full council, members were asked to endorse the action taken, which was unanimously agreed via a vote.

Chief Executive of Hartlepool Council Gill Alexander said: “There is no information as yet to the timetable as to when the families will arrive.

“They have asked us to indicate the number of refugees we can accommodate. In the first instance, there will be up to 10 families. We are still waiting on information on that.”

The move follows a request from the Bishop of Durham on behalf of Citizens UK requesting authorities to commit to resettling up to 10 refugee families.

In a report read out at the meeting it said: “Throughout its history Hartlepool has a strong track record of responding to international refugees crises and I am confident that we can put the practical arrangements in place to enable us to play our part in responding to this current humanitarian crisis.”

A letter has already been sent to the government offering the borough council’s help.

It follows the council’s response to Kent County Council’s plea for help to offer placements for unaccompanied asylum seeker children in early August.

Other councils have also been approached by the government to help with the resettlement of refugees.

David Cameron has previously announced Britain is to take in thousands more refugees and provide £100 million aid.

He said: “We will continue with our approach of taking them from the refugee camps. This provides them with a more direct and safe route to the UK, rather than risking the hazardous journey which has tragically cost lives.”