Tenants could end up homeless if landlords get into arrears

Citizens Advice Hartlepool manager Joe Michna.
Citizens Advice Hartlepool manager Joe Michna.

Tenants in Hartlepool are being warned they could be at risk of homelessness if landlords get into mortgage arrears.

The warning comes from Citizens’ Advice Hartlepool whch has expressed its concerns about renters facing homelessness if their homes get repossessed when their landlords get into mortgage arrears.

Joe Michna

Joe Michna

A new report ‘Renting in the Recovery’ from the national Citizens Advice, reveals that up to 6,800 private tenants are evicted every year as a result. With some renters only aware that they are being evicted when bailiffs show up at the front door.

The Citizens’ Advice Bureau in Hartlepool fears cases like these could increase when interest rates rise and some landlords struggle with higher mortgage repayments.

“We are concerned that some tenants have little protection against repossession,” bureau manager Joe Michna said.

“We have seen a number of clients over the last couple of months in this position. These people have had little or no notice of having to leave their homes if their landlord gets into mortgage arrears.”

The report looks at the number of people evicted due to landlord repossession as well as predictions for how much repossessions will rise as interest rates increase.

The analysis shows that by 2017, up to 8,160 private renters per year could be evicted because their landlord’s property is being repossessed.  

The report warns that tenants whose landlords don’t have a buy to let mortgage or haven’t had agreement from the mortgage lender to rent out the property are at particular risk.

These tenants have the right to two months’ notice, but have to take action, which sometimes involves going to court, to receive this.

Citizens’ Advice reports many tenants are not aware of this right and lenders sometimes don’t make it clear when notifying tenants they have to leave.

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