Tesco shoopers donate two tonnes of food to Hartlepool Foodbank

Hartlepool Foodbank volunteers during their latest collection at Tesco
Hartlepool Foodbank volunteers during their latest collection at Tesco

MORE than two tonnes of food has been donated by generous Hartlepool shoppers to help who are people struggling to afford to eat.

Hartlepool Foodbank once again teamed up with the town’s flagship Tesco store which held a three day drive for donations.

Shoppers responded in force by giving just over 2.5 tonnes to help Hartlepool residents and families staring food poverty in the face.

Surprisingly, the food haul was down on previous Tesco collections by around half a tonne. But staff were still delighted with customers’ response.

Tesco’s community champion Selina Wilson said: “We have been a partner of the foodbank for around two years and this was our fourth national collection with foodbanks across the country.

“We had a lot of generous donations from customers and the store added toiletries and groceries as well.

“We just want to thank everyone for their generosity and compassion.”

Tesco’s sentiments were echoed by managers from Hartlepool Foodbank, which is open every Tuesday and Friday morning in Church Street.

Co-ordinator Al Wales said: “A big thank you to all the shoppers who donated anything from one tin up to whole trolley’s of food to our committed team of volunteers, and to the hardworking pupils from Catcote school who joined us for the collection.

“Tesco agree to top up the total amount of donations by a whopping 30 per cent, all of which goes to local people in crisis.”

The store in Burn Road also has a permanent donation point where shoppers can leave food gifts at any time.

The Mail launched our We Can Do It campaign in late 2012 to help boost the foodbank when it first started up by encouraging donations.