‘Text family you are going to die’

A DOMESTIC violence victim who was told by her vicious partner to text her family to tell them she was going to die has praised the police team who helped her after her chilling ordeal.

The woman was a former partner of twisted Scott Vincent Rogan, who is now serving a four-and-a-half year jail term after carrying out some terrifying attacks over a four-day period at a caravan site in the Crimdon area.

Rogan rained punches down on her and damaged her car after he learned she had been texting another man when she assumed their relationship was over.

He had also hit her in the shoulder with a hammer, lowered a machete onto her as she tried to sleep in bed and bundled her into his car boot and told her he had dug a hole for her body.

The woman’s torment came to an end on August 24 last year when Rogan, 31, beat her before sticking a knife in her back, but left no marks, and then calmly put the weapon away.

The woman, who is open about how she blamed herself for Rogan’s actions as she had started a relationship with another man, claimed Rogan had previously warned her that he would kill her in the bathroom of the caravan as “it would be less messy”.

The 48-year-old woman, who did not wish to be named, said: “He said I want you to text your mam and your son to tell them how much you love them because by 9pm you are going to be dead.

“I said ‘I need to see my son grow up’. I couldn’t contemplate in my head how I wasn’t going to be here tomorrow.”

But when Rogan’s back was turned, the woman managed to flee to a neighbouring caravan, where she raised the alarm.

The police were called and Rogan was arrested.

The mum-of-one met Rogan in a Newcastle bar in February last year and described him as “the perfect gentleman”.

But things turned sour when she realised she was paying for most things and she hardly saw him.

She added: “If it hadn’t been for the support of the team, I would have crawled into a hole.

“I may have gone back to him, and probably would never have pursued the case. It was highlighted to me by the police that they were the ones charging him, not me.

“I wasn’t the one sending him to prison. That made a big difference to me, the way that was described.”

The victim spoke of her torment to highlight the good work being done by Durham Police’s Domestic Abuse Investigation Team (DAIT), which is based in Peterlee.

Praising the unit, she said: “If I hadn’t had their support I would have crawled into a hole.

“If one person reads my story and can see some similarity into what went on, I want them to know they can go to the police – they will believe you.”