Thanks for lay-by ... now give us shelter

COUNCILLORS who campaigned for a bus lay-by are now calling for a shelter to be put at the busy stop.

The three Conservative Park ward representatives for Hartlepool were happy to see the new lay-by in Dunston Road, Hartlepool, finally operational.

But they were quick to point out there is not one bus shelter in their ward. They are now demanding one is put in place on the refurbished stop.

Councillor Ray Wells said: “We are delighted this lay-by is now in place, making it safer and letting the traffic run smoothly.

“But this is one of the biggest wards in town and we do not have one bus shelter, that is not very fair. Why should people have to stand in the rain?

“This is now a fantastic opportunity to finish the job off and put up a shelter.”

Councillor Brenda Loynes started the campaign for the lay-by four years ago when she was resident representative.

She said: “It’s taken a long time to get this done and it was one of the first things I checked on when I became a councillor.

“It’s good to see something being done for the benefit of the community.

“I must also say that resident representative Ted Jackson also worked very hard to make this happen.”

Hartlepool Borough Council transport chiefs approved plans to install the new lay-by in February despite one objection from a resident who said it would lead to increased noise and littering.

They cited congestion problems, especially when pupils from nearby High Tunstall College of Science are going home, as the main reason for the change.

The scheme that has seen the bus stop moved away from the road by about 6ft and a new paved area installed was estimated to cost £50,000.

Coun George Morris, a fellow Park ward councillor, said he is delighted the work is finished but would have liked to have seen the money come from civic coffers rather than the minor works budget which is given to ward councillors.