Thanks for supporting Callum’s Dream

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THANK you to all of our readers who helped to show their support for Callum’s Dream once again.

As part of this year’s Local Newspaper Week under the slogan Making a Difference, 30 editorial campaigns were nominated as showcases for how local papers have made a difference in the local community.

After generous residents raised more than £12,000 to support brave youngster Callum Smith, the Mail’s Callum’s Dream was one of those campaigns.

Readers had the chance to vote for their favourite campaign from Monday until last night when the online vote closed.

The winning campaign will be announced tomorrow night.

You can still get involved with Local Newspaper Week on Twitter by following @localpaperweek and using the hashtags #LNW and #MakingaDifference.

And don’t forget to visit our website,, to watch our Making a Difference videos.