The 10 most popular stories online in 2013

A taxi stuck in the Headland floods
A taxi stuck in the Headland floods

2013 has been an eventful year for Hartlepool and the surrounding area.

It’s had its fun highs, tragic lows and a few controversies, so we thought we’d share with you what has made the biggest headlines.

A Police car parked outside of Asda Marina Way after a man cut himself with a knife

A Police car parked outside of Asda Marina Way after a man cut himself with a knife

We’ve had a look through the thousands of stories we have covered in the last 12 months and put togother the 10 tales that had the most views on

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The top 10 most looked at articles in order of popularity:

1) There was a lot of drama in a story published on November 7 after a man slashed himself in front of horrified shoppers in Hartlepool Asda.

2) A video of glamour girl Chelsea Ferguson proved to be popular on February 22, when she explained her amazing popularity on Twitter.

3) We kept you updated about the tidal surge that slammed into Hartlepool and flooded the Headland on December 5 – and had lots of videos and pictures online.

4) Tributes flooded in after the tragic death of prize-winning apprentice Zak Wormald, aged just 21, in this story on November 19.

5) She inspired us all while living her dreams after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. The funeral of brave Ann-Marie Noble, 32, was read by many on December 21.

6) Everyone loves a celebrity – especially one eating fish and chips on the Headland. Frasier and Cheers star Kelsey Grammer popped into Hartlepool to sample the culinary delight in this story on October 14.

7) It was one of the longest-running and controversial stories of the year and began when the council chose land for a controversial gypsy site in Hartlepool on August 8.

8) There was heartbreak in a piece on August 19 as Hartlepool mum Joanne Jones, 35, died just hours after giving birth to a beautiful boy.

9) ‘Help catch these cowards’. They were the words of a victim of a savage Hartlepool gang beating in an article and a video on October 1.

10) Tensions ran high as an EDL ‘ban the burkha’ march was met by protests in Hartlepool. And we captured it with video online on November 30.