The chain of events suffered by hapless Chris

Chris and Elen Morris
Chris and Elen Morris
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l Last October, Chris’s wife Ellen (inset) fell down the stairs at home and ruptured tendons and ligaments in her right ankle, leaving her in a cast until Christmas.

■In November, Chris was involved in a collision while driving his wife’s Peugeot 206 at the Burn Road roundabout. There was damage to the rear bumper and Chris suffered whiplash.

■Chris’s grandmother Betty Morris, 79, died on December 19 after spending six weeks with Chris in Hartlepool recovering from a previous illness.

■On Boxing Day, Chris shattered his pelvis, suffered a blood clot and punctured his lung, contracted pneumonia and spent six-and-a-half-hours in surgery after he was involved in a collision at the Barford Boxing Day Bonanza stock car challenge.

He spent three weeks at the trauma unit at James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, after the smash, which meant he missed his gran’s funeral. Chris had painted the names of his children and his gran on the side of the car in tribute to her.

■Last Saturday, Chris rolled out of his wheelchair backwards after it tipped as he left the front door on the way to the shops. He was shaken but otherwise okay.

■Then on Monday teatime, Chris along with eight other family members had to flee from their Lansdowne Road house after the cooker caught fire.

In the heat of the moment Chris panicked and tried to run out of the house, forgetting his injuries, which led to him falling over and severely bruising his injured hip.

Fire crews and paramedics were called and Chris was treated for smoke inhalation.