The police officers deemed too unfit for the job

Hartlepool Police Station.
Hartlepool Police Station.

Unfit bobbies could face the boot after a probe revealed some can’t even pass a basic police fitness test.

It comes after a Freedom of Information request revealed 20 officers from Cleveland Police were deemed not fit enough to police the public.

The fitness exam involves a ‘bleep test’ where officers walk and slowly jog for less than four minutes in 15 metre bursts, along with light weight lifting., the official Government police site, say the test is designed to simulate day-to-day police activities such as chases on foot and apprehending suspects. The new tests became mandatory last year, making it a requirement that all of the force’s 1,302 full-time officers take it.

In total 20 officers have failed the test at some point, although 13 have since passed it.

Officers have three attempts at passing the test and if they fail it a third time then the force can open up disciplinary actions.

This could include being suspended from duty or having their employment terminated.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “As many officers as possible are tested so that the highest number possible are available for frontline policing, however, there are a number of roles where the test is not compulsory and there are also a number of officers who are on permanent restricted duties, are ill or have non-operational roles and these do not need to take the test.

“Those officers who do not pass the test are supported by the force and have development plans to assist them in passing the fitness test in future.”