The roads to success

The 'Welcome to Lion Country' sign om the A689.
The 'Welcome to Lion Country' sign om the A689.

A SPONSORSHIP scheme has been dubbed a success in boosting council coffers and keeping the environment blooming.

Hartlepool Borough Council runs a scheme offering businesses the chance to sponsor a roundabout or advertise on road signs entering the town.

The cash raised through the scheme goes towards maintaining Hartlepool’s roads and keep its roundabouts looking attractive.

Council chiefs say the scheme has been a success since it was launched around 10 years ago and there is still space for businesses to get involved.

They say the money raised from the boundary sign sponsorship is invested in maintaining the road and verge in the wider area around the particular boundary sign.

The money raised from the roundabout sponsorship is used to maintain the roundabout, like planting flowers, and to maintain the road in the wider area around the roundabout.

A council spokesman said: “Boundary sign and roundabout sponsorship is working very successfully in Hartlepool.

“For the sponsors, it enables their name and slogan to be seen by literally hundreds and hundreds of people every day and shows that they are supporting the town.

“Since the roundabout and sign sponsorship started, it has generated a total of more than £30,000.”

Four of the “Welcome to Hartlepool” boundary signs are currently being sponsored, the A689 sign by Camerons Brewery with the slogan “Welcome to Lion Country”, and Niramax has sponsored the sign on the A179 near Hart, the A1086 and Tees Road.

Companies and organisations can sponsor a boundary sign for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years, with an option to renew at the end of the contract.

There currently seven being sponsored and a further 20 available for sponsorship, with the same deals available as there are with boundary signs.

Each of the sponsored roundabouts has signs on it showing the sponsor’s name and logo.

The sponsored roundabouts are:

l Bamburgh Road/Hart Road – sponsored by No 1 Garage Conversions;

l Marina Way/The Lanyard – sponsored by Camerons Brewery;

l Burn Road/Stranton – sponsored by Pout & Foster;

l Belle Vue Way/Brenda Road – sponsored by Yuill Homes;

l Owton Manor Lane/Seaton Lane – sponsored by Darwin Hotels;

l Brenda Road/Tofts Road West – sponsored by Baker Hughes;

l Hartlepool Road/A628/Wynyard Park – sponsored by Harlington Straker Group.