The Taxman is off on a new Journey

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A FORMER nightclub doorman who earned the nickname The Taxman for shaking down drug dealers is to appear in a new book and TV series on British crime.

Brian Cockerill, who grew up in Hartlepool, got his nickname after years of “taxing” drug dealers.

He features alongside other notorious crime figures in the book Faces: A Photographic Journey through the underworld.

It has been produced by best-selling crime writer Bernard O’Mahoney, author of Essex Boys.

Brian, 47, was also interviewed on camera by Bernard at his cafe in Ferryhill for a spin-off documentary series due to be screened on Sky.

Brian, formerly of Hartlepool’s Seaton Lane area, said: “He said we can’t do it without The Taxman. I’m the only one from the North-East that is in it.

“I’ve turned my back on crime these days. I try to help kids by giving talks in schools and training them in boxing.

“It is a dangerous life. A lot of my friends got shot or stabbed to death.

“I tell kids not to emulate me.

“My heroes now are the people in the Armed Forces.”

It will not be the first time that Brian, of Stockton, has appeared on national TV.

He featured in the BBC show Macintyre Investigates in 2008 as part of a feature on Britain’s hardmen.