'The true spirit of Christmas' - messages of support as Hartlepool businesses offer shelter to town's homeless

Hotel owner Raqueeb Ramzan, right, and businessman Jack Griffiths from Build A Spa.
Hotel owner Raqueeb Ramzan, right, and businessman Jack Griffiths from Build A Spa.

Families in Hartlepool have thrown their support behind a hotel and spa who have teamed up to help the homeless this Christmas.

The Douglas Hotel and Build A Spa are working together to provide shelter and a cooked breakfast for those who may go without on Christmas Eve.

There has already been a "massive" response to the idea.

There has already been a "massive" response to the idea.

Staff from Build A Spa, on Brenda Road, pledged to use the money from their Christmas party fund to book rooms in a hotel for homeless people in Hartlepool.

The Douglas, in Grange Road, were the first hotel to agree when the spa business started to put the feelers out.

Owner Raqueeb Ramzan told the Mail that they had already had a "massive" response to the offer, with members of the public making bookings for those in need.

Mail readers have also shown the idea their backing, hailing it as "the true spirit of Christmas".

Here are some of your messages of support from the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Kathleen Foster: "There are some good people in this world. What generous gentlemen you are. Hope you have a very Happy Christmas."

Julie Ainslie: "Thank you so much for this, wonderful gesture from all the people at Build a Spa and the Douglas Hotel. Good on you all."

Sue Kaiser Lloyd: "Restores my faith in human beings ... great stuff."

Stephanie Ackroyd: "Wonderful news and true spirit of Christmas."

Irene Tyerman: "What an amazing man. There is always some good people in the world."

Joanie Bates: "Fantastic gesture, lovely thing to do."

Gill Hardy: "Lovely gesture, Merry Christmas."

Bob Snowdon: "Spirit of love."

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Samanthajane Musprattvickers: "I like the sound of that it's like giving up your spare room for the night good on you well done."

Pauline Gleeson: "What a brilliant gesture, I've stayed there myself a few years ago when i went back to my hometown of hartlepool keep up the great work everyone."

Carolyn Brown: "Really kind to do this, wish all homeless get help over the cold winter."

Mark Trotter: "Good man. Wish there was more like you."

Karen Simons: "This is great news."

Aaron Hall: "Well played Raqeeb. Amazing gesture young man."

Jackie Hooks: "True Christmas spirit."