Thief spat at store guard

A WOMAN spat at a security guard after he tried to stop her fleeing with stolen make-up from a supermarket.

Sasha Owens tried to escape with £101.43 of cosmetics from Asda, in Marina Way, Hartlepool, when she was stopped by the store’s security guard Ian Cooper.

Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard that when he tried to take the 24-year-old back to the security office, she spat at him.

Justices were read a statement from the guard, who said: “I felt sick and disgusted at being spat at. I’d rather be hit than be spat at.

“You don’t know if she has any diseases that could have got into any open wounds I may have had.

“I was simply doing my job.”

Prosecuting, Joanne Hesse then told the court that when officers came to arrest her and put her in a police van, she gave them a false name, and was then found to have a class B drug hidden in her bra.

Then, when she was released on bail, she stole over £50 of kids’ clothes from Next.

Mrs Hesse said: “The defendant was detained having stolen cosmetics, and on being taken back to the security office she spat at the security officer.

“Police attended and arrested her and while in the police van she gave false details.

“The officers become aware that the details were wrong, and then the defendant gave her correct name and address.

“She was strip searched while in custody and a diazepam tablet was seized from her bra. She said it was for her own personal use.”

She added: “She was charged and bailed to attend court but while on bail, she was detained having set the alarms off at Next having walked out with children’s clothing with the price and security tags on them. In interview, the defendant made no reply to all questions.”

Owens, of Church Street, Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to theft from Asda, common assault against Mr Cooper, obstructing a police officer in the execution of his duty, and possession of a class B drug, all on October 11.

She also admitted the theft from Next on October 20.

Mitigating, Barry Gray said: “My client is now 24 and never saw any trouble before until two years ago, and since then there’s been a steady deterioration in various areas of her life which has left her in this position today.”

Chairman of the bench Keith Gorton sentenced Owens to an 18-month community order with supervision, and was ordered to pay £100 compensation to Mr Cooper, and pay £85 court costs.