Thief stole eBay parcel which was left for friend’s neighbour

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A thief stole a parcel which a friend had taken in for her neighbour.

The woman took the ebay consignment of games consoles because the courier was unable to deliver it next door, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard.

“The defendant was visiting the woman at the time,” said John Garside, prosecuting. When he left, he took the parcel with him. The contents were games consoles valued at £25.”

The court heard Terence Carter opened the parcel and tried to sell the contents to a friend in a nearby street.

Carter, 37, of Richmond Street, Hartlepool, admitted theft on September 2.

John Relton, defending, said: “Most of his offending is related to alcohol.

“There may be some will to do something about that because he is in a better state now than I have seen him before.

“This was a mean and heartless offence, but having done it, he did at least cooperate with the police. The property was recovered.”

District Judge Andrew Meachin sentenced Carter to a curfew of 28 days, and ordered him to pay £355 costs and court surcharges.

He said: “This was a mean offence. You had no right to look into that parcel, let alone try to sell its contents.”