Third novel for former teacher

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A FORMER assistant head who spent three and a half decades teaching children how to write is now a published author.

Griff Hosker, 61, taught thousands of youngsters the art of writing during his 21 years as a teacher at Dyke House School, in Hartlepool.

But after he retired from the school, to run an educational consulting firm he turned his hand to writing and has written three books so far.

The Sword of Cartimandua, The Horse Warriors and Invasion Caledonia are set in 70 AD Northern England and are the first three works by the 35-year teaching veteran, who describes them as “historical novels based on fact with really exciting stories and characters”.

Griff, who was originally an English teacher, said: “I’ve always enjoyed writing, and at 61 it shows that it’s never too late to start a new career.

“I am thrilled to be doing something with my retirement, it’s great to wake up knowing I’m not useless.

“I taught children how to write all of my career, so to now say that I can do it too as a published author is fantastic.”

The Lancashire born author, who cites historical novelists Bernard Cornwell, Alexander Kent and Simon Scarrow as inspirations, is excited about his future.

Griff, who lives in Stockton, added: “My online publisher Amazon are very happy with my work and they have given me my own author’s page.

“I have also received interest from America, so I’m going there to sign some books. It won’t be many but that’s fine, I’m just happy to be going.

“As America’s history is so short, Americans love the idea of the historical novel.”

The Sword of Cartimandua and The Horse Warriors are available as e-books on internet site Amazon and was released on paperback on Saturday.

Invasion Caledonia, the third of the trilogy is also now available on Kindle, Amazon’s own e-book reader and will be published sometime in the autumn.

To log onto his Amazon site log onto and select the link at the bottom of this story.