Thousands send messages of love to ‘super hero’ Bradley Lowery

Bradley Lowery.
Bradley Lowery.

Wellwishers have inundated the family of battling Bradley Lowery with messages of love and support after doctors found what they believe to be a new tumour.

The six-year-old’s mum Gemma made the heart-breaking announcement on the Bradley Lowery’s fight against neuroblastoma Facebook page.

This little boy has touched the hearts of many. I wish I could take the pain away and make him well again I really do. be strong little man. Keep smiling... Big hugs xxx

Kim Freeman Parton

Bradley celebrated his sixth birthday in the last few days and Gemma added: “As you aware Bradley has been in hospital and in excruciating pain, we have found it so difficult to see our baby like this. Bradley spent his birthday in hospital and asleep most of the day as he is really not well. Myself and his daddy have spent our time rubbing his legs and comforting him the best we can.

“On Thursday we were allowed to take Bradley home but unfortunately we have found another lump on his neck that is getting bigger very quickly and Bradley’s consultant believes it is yet another tumour.”

She thanked everyone who had helped to make his birthday an amaxing day.

It led to more than a quarter of a million people following the post on social media - and thousands sent messages of support to the brave little hero.

Christine Hartshorne said: “Can’t imagine what the family must be feeling. Such a lovely little boy, beautiful smile no matter what he has been through. God bless both him and his family.”

Jack Reid commented: “This is so sad but let’s hope the man upstairs can see his way clear and find a miracle cure for this brave little man and make him better to show what an inspiration he has been. Never give up.”

Jamil Khan said: “Heart broken. Words beat me for the sadness I feel, life itself leaves me with more questions than answers - much love to Bradley and family.”

Angie Mackem Martin posted: “I’m actually breaking my heart right now. His smile lights up my heart. What a gorgeous little man he is. My thoughts are with Bradley and all his family. Please keep fighting little man, the whole world loves you and are hugging you xxxxxx.”

Irene Adams said Bradley was a “fantastic little boy” who had been through so much.

And Lee Shirren Bradley described him as “such a brave and beautiful little soul”.

Amanda Hunt was another to send messages of love and said: “How this beautiful little trouper still smiles, even though he’s in pain, is beyond me. It’s utterly heartbreaking when you look at that little face and know nothing more can be done. What a mark he’s made on this world though.”

Doretta Hickman commented: “This news is heartbreaking and our little man still manages that beautiful smile whatever pain he is going through. Bradley is a true hero, he has made such a big impact on everyone, nobody knows what his family must be going through unless they have gone through it themselves big hugs and kisses to Bradley x x x.”

The mesages of love and support continued to pour in.

Kim Freeman Parton said: “This little boy has touched the hearts of many. I wish I could take the pain away and make him well again I really do. Be strong little man. Keep smiling... Big hugs xxx.”

Margaret Farley urged Bradley to “keep smiling” and added: “You are a little fighter. You have such a gorgeous smile. God bless you & your family. Xxxx.”

Christine Larkin said he was a “super hero” and added: “Heart goes out to you all we all love this little fella so much, he feels like part of our family, hope your feeling bit better soon Bradley.”