Threats to cut off partner’s head

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A JEALOUS man threatened to cut his partner’s head off after he attacked her in front of their young child.

Drunken Stephen Allison, 34, grabbed Samantha Eyre by the throat and punched her several times after he burst into her home at night while she was asleep and wrongly accused her of being unfaithful.

The frightening attack only ended when their three-year-old son walked into the room and started hitting Allison, saying “get off mam”.

He left but returned shortly afterwards when he issued the chilling threats.

Allison was jailed for two years at Teesside Crown Court for what the judge called “extreme domestic violence”.

But Miss Eyre is standing by her man and insisted “he’s not a bad person”.

The court heard the couple had been out with friends in Hartlepool on May 28 when at 10pm Miss Eyre said she was going to collect her son and go home.

Anthony Dunne, prosecuting, said Allison was paranoid and became aggressive and unpredictable when he drank.

At 1.30am he stormed into Miss Eyre’s home while she was in bed and accused her of being unfaithful before he attacked her giving her a bloody nose.

Describing the threats, Mr Dunne, said: “He said to the complainant ‘I could really kill you. I could cut your head off with a knife.’

“He walked into the kitchen and returned carrying a large kitchen knife.

“The complainant was terrified.”

Allison, of Avondale Gardens, Hartlepool, dropped the knife when Miss Eyre called the police who came and arrested him.

He later admitted making a threat to kill and assault by beating.

Jonathan Walker, mitigating, said it was “an ugly incident of complete and utter madness”.

He added: “His partner is standing by him because she sees something in him not reflected in the graphic description of this ugly incident.”

Judge Peter Fox, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, said: “What you did in the early hours was appalling, very painful and terrifying.

“You had no justification whatever to believe that she was being unfaithful to you.

“What makes it worse is that your infant child witnessed some of that and tried to stop you.

“Understandably she was utterly terrified.

“You and others must know that this will not be tolerated by the courts.

“This kind of domestic violence is extreme.”

Miss Eyre denied that Allison had held the knife above her head as described by the prosecution.

She said afterwards: “He’s not a bad person, it was a drunken mistake.

“It was not as nasty as what was made out in the statements.

“He shouldn’t have got two years.”