Three tiers for happy couple

HAPPY COUPLE: Liam and Elizabeth with one of the wedding cakes at Molly's. Picture by Robert Usher Photography
HAPPY COUPLE: Liam and Elizabeth with one of the wedding cakes at Molly's. Picture by Robert Usher Photography

IT’S a difficult decision for our bride and groom-to-be.

How do you choose that one dream wedding cake when the shop is filled with sumptuous choices?

“They are all so beautiful,” says Elizabeth as she looks through examples of Mandy Storer’s work.

“All we know is we want three tiers.”

Liam adds: “We are just throwing ideas around at the moment.”

Mandy Storer is the owner of Molly’s Cakes in Hartlepool, and has been designing and making cakes for more than 18 years.

Mandy, a former cook in a residential home, has been in the York Road premises since 2006, and is the perfect person to help guide our couple through the choices available to them.

“It’s great to be able to help them and it is lovely to be involved in the biggest day of their lives,” says Mandy whose clientele stretches right across the North-East.

Stacked cakes and tiers of cup cakes remain the popular choices. “There are no real unusual ones this year. People seem to be sticking to the safe choices,” says Mandy.

She is providing a wedding cake worth up to £400 for the couple whose big day arrives in September when they tie the knot at the Grand Hotel in Hartlepool.

The couple won the Mail’s Bride of the year competition run in conjunction with Robert Usher Photography and are now in the process of piecing together the details of the £10,000 package of prizes.

They have decided to have four bridesmaids as well as ushers and a best man. Their colour theme is to be sage and ivory. The finer details remain a closely guarded secret to be revealed in September.

But it’s a fantastic way to go about planning a wedding, the couple agree.

“We are loving it all,” said Liam. “It is exciting.”

Elizabeth, 22, won our competition after we told how she was rushed into hospital last November after developing blood clots following a routine childbirth.

Just days after giving birth to her son Noah, the Chester Road area mum’s left leg turned completely black.

Doctors at the University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton found she had four clots on her left lung, two on her her right lung, and deep vein thrombosis in her leg.

They said she she could die, especially on the first night when every minute was critical.

The fact that she pulled through was largely down to the support shown by Liam who had to look after their newborn son – and keep on working on night shift – while she fought for life, she said.

The final word goes to Mandy, though. She said: “I just hope their day is everything they dream of and I am glad to be able to help.”