Thug is jailed for knife attack on friend

A KNIFE-WIELDING thug shouted “I’m going to kill you” as he tried to stab a friend who had moved in with his ex-girlfriend.

Dean Waddington, 28, jumped on to Glenn Lake while he lay in bed and tried to plunge the knife into him.

Despite a struggle, Mr Lake suffered only minor cuts to his forehead, shoulder and fingers.

The drink-fuelled attack, which left the victim covered in blood, happened after Waddington went round to his ex-girlfriend’s flat in Church Street, Hartlepool.

She was out but Mr Lake, who had been out drinking earlier, opened the door.

Mr Lake twice asked Waddington to leave but he ignored him and Mr Lake went to bed.

Victoria Lamballe, prosecuting, told Teesside Crown Court: “Within minutes the defendant burst in the bedroom, jumped on to the bed holding a silver knife in his right hand.

“He immediately began trying to plunge the knife in Mr Lake’s direction.

“The complainant held his hands up to protect himself and tried to push the defendant away.

“A struggle ensued and the defendant shouted to Mr Lake: ‘I’m going to kill you.’”

The attack came to a sudden end when Waddington suddenly stood up and walked out.

Mr Lake’s girlfriend returned shortly afterwards and saw him covered in blood.

The court heard Waddington and Lake were “drinking buddies” and he used to help the victim on his market stall.

Waddington, an out-of-work plasterer, split from his ex-girlfriend about a month before the attack on January 15 and had been bailed to stay away from her after being accused of assaulting her.

Jim Withyman, mitigating, said: “He fully accepts his conduct on that night was appalling and must have been very frightening for Mr Lake.

“He, through me, apologises. He has also written to Mr Lake and apologised to him, and hopes they will be friends again in the future.”

Mr Withyman said drinking too much had been to blame.

Waddington, of Carlton Street, Hartlepool, was jailed for 18 months after he admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Recorder Felicity Davies said: “The complainant, astonishingly it seems to me, received only superficial injuries.

“This case is plainly so serious that only a sentence of immediate imprisonment can possibly be justified.

“He couldn’t have been more vulnerable. He was laying in his bed at the time the worse for drink and it was in those circumstances that you took a knife and tried to attack him.

“I take the view this is a particularly serious offence.”