Thumbs up for Becky’s good news

Becky Bell showing her delight at her good news
Becky Bell showing her delight at her good news

BRAVE Becky Bell is defying the odds as a scan revealed her brain tumour has shrunk by a huge 80 per cent.

Her delighted family cried tears of joy after a phone call from her doctor yesterday telling them of the fantastic developments.

Delighted mum Julie, told the Mail: “We knew how strong Becky was but this is just fantastic, we were crying, dancing, singing when we found out, she is doing so well”.

Despite the obvious joy and celebrations, Becky’s proud family realise the

tumour remains and say there is still a “long road ahead”.

But Julie, 40, said: “At this moment we are celebrating.

“Becky is doing absolutely brilliant and the doctors are just over the moon with how she is coming along.”

Becky, seven, is only half way through gruelling treatment and is set to start a six-month course of intensive treatment this Saturday.

The brave Rift House Primary School pupil has already endured six weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Ahead of her second course of treatment, the youngster went for a routine MRI scan earlier this week which revealed the good news.

Julie said the scans often show no progression and the family wasn’t expecting such huge developments.

“The tumour is now only a fifth of what it was.

“It is 80 per cent smaller,” said Julie, who is married to Mark, 36, and also a mum to Vicki, 23, and Mark, 11.

“We knew Becky was doing well, she wasn’t experiencing the amount of headaches that was expected and she is quite strong in herself. But to find this out is just incredible.

“We know there is still a long way to go, but right now we are happy, we are celebrating.”

Julie added: “Becky is always so positive, she lets nothing get her down and that is definitely helping her to battle this.

“We are so, so proud.”

Becky’s family are set to make the trip to Newcastle tomorrow to look at the results of the scan in more detail.

She will then start increased intensity chemotherapy on Saturday for six five-day spells with a three-week break in between each one.

The youngster was diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year after medics found a tumour the size of a golf ball in her brain.

Since then, kind-hearted residents in the town rallied round to raise £19,000 which went towards Becky enjoying a dream break to Disneyland Paris earlier this month.