Toddler locked himself in car

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FIREFIGHTERS were called to rescue a toddler who locked himself in a car.

But the two-year-old boy was so unfazed by the action happening around him that the Hartlepool crew decided not to smash a window and instead wait for a spare key to be brought.

The drama started when his grandmother put him in the vehicle in Chatham Road, Hartlepool, but left her keys on the back seat at 1pm on Friday.

Crew manager at Stranton Fire Station, Steve Kitching, said: “When she closed the door he has flicked the lock and she couldn’t get back in.

“She was in a bit of distress and didn’t know what to do, and a little embarrassed.

“Breaking the window was mentioned but he was in no distress at all.

“We asked if she had a spare key and she phoned her daughter to get it. That took 20 minutes, and by then he had fallen fast asleep.

“It was a happy ending and no damage was caused.”