Tom drags Tomara on to breakfast TV

Tom Adams applying make-up in front of the cameras.
Tom Adams applying make-up in front of the cameras.

A FLAMBOYANT schoolboy who loves performing in drag was seen by millions on breakfast television.

Tom Adams, 14, appeared as his alter ego, Tomara, on ITV’s Daybreak and spoke of his passion for performing.

A reporter and production crew travelled to Tom’s dance school, The Debbie Barrass Academy of Dance, in Hartlepool, where they filmed him in his colourful dresses, make-up and wigs.

Tom was also invited down to London with his mum, Sharon, 41, to chat to the programme’s presenters, Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles. The Mail reported last month how Tom had embraced the idea of donning silky garments, wigs, stockings and make-up after Debbie Barrass persuaded him to “drag up” for the British Senior Song and Dance Championships in Blackpool.

Since then, he has appeared in a number of national newspapers, saying he is determined not to let others’ negativity put him off performing in drag.

Adrian Chiles introduced the Manor College of Technology student as “the next Danny la Rue” and the programme cut to scenes showing Tom applying make-up and singing camp classic I Am What I Am.

Tom, of Irvine Road, Hartlepool, told Adrian and Christine: “It’s an act, it’s not just you walking around the shops or school in drag.

“It’s not about changing sex. I don’t want to be a woman. It’s just a performance.”

Mum Sharon told the presenters: “I’m just so proud of him, it’s what he always wanted to do.”  Tom said anyone who called him names were “silly little idiots” who “have nothing else to do with their lives, but walk around and pick on someone else”.

He added: “I wouldn’t call myself a drag queen act, more a performer and entertainer.”

After yesterday’s show, he told the Mail: “It was a really good experience.”