Tomboy Jamie-Leigh is set to dress to impress

Jamie-Leigh Carr Corner with jewellery and make-up for the prom night
Jamie-Leigh Carr Corner with jewellery and make-up for the prom night

THE ever-colourful prom season kicks off tonight for thousands of school leavers across Hartlepool and east Durham.

But despite the boys scrubbing up well in their dapper suits, it’s the girls with their wonderful dresses, jewellery, bags, shoes and hair, who inevitably court most of the attention.

Today the Mail speaks to one excited schoolgirl about her prom-night preparations.


PROM night is possibly one of the biggest occasions in a schoolgirl’s social calendar and possibly one of the most memorable of her life.

And for 15-year-old Jamie-Leigh Corner, a pupil at English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College, in Catcote Road, Hartlepool, it is just that.

Despite being a bit of a tomboy, Jamie-Leigh has been preparing her secret outfit and overall look for her prom bash at Hardwick Hall, in Sedgefield, tonight, since February.

Four months later the look she is going for has finally come together and she is excited at looking her best.

Jamie-Leigh, who lives in Frensham Drive, in the Foggy Furze area of Hartlepool, with her nana, Maria Corner, said: “It didn’t take me long to pick what I wanted to wear and I did it without my nana or my mam knowing

“I’ve just had my fitting and I’m getting really excited for the day now.

“The whole process has been fun, but it’s also be quite stressful as well.”

Maria, 58, a social services worker, is excited to see her granddaughter and 13 of her best pals dolled up and setting off for the glamorous do from her house in a Hummer.

“Our Jamie-Leigh has never been one for being girlie or wearing make-up or anything so it’ll be tear-jerking to see her done up, as much as she will do herself up, for her prom night,” she said. “I just know that she’s going to look stunning.

“We’ve got a lot of friends and family coming round on the day to see them off. No doubt a few tears will be shed. It’s cost quite a bit when you add everything up, but it’ll all be worth it on the day.”

But the event will have mixed emotions as Jamie-Leigh finishes a chapter in her life.

She said: “It’ll be a sad day, but it’ll also be a great chance to celebrate the time I’ve spent at English Martyrs. It’ll also be a sad night for my favourite teacher Brenda Harrison who is leaving this year to retire. A lot of my family has been taught by her so it’ll sad that she’s leaving.”

Jamie-Leigh has plans to fulfil a childhood dream and join the Army when she leaves school and is hoping to arrange an interview after her prom night.

“Even though I’m planning on going in the Army I’m definitely going to try and stay in touch with a lot of my friends,” she told the Mail. “When I go in the Army I want to eventually be a dog handler. I’m really excited about it, it’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I was little. I’m just preparing for my interview now.”