Tony in the running for Pride of Hartlepool award – five years after winning the biggest battle of his life

Tony Larkin
Tony Larkin

MODEST fundraiser Tony Larkin is in the running for a trophy - five years after winning the biggest battle of his life.

The Hartlepool 50-year-old was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2009. Yet almost as soon as he got the all-clear, he was putting all his efforts into fundraising to help others.

Now, he runs the MusicvCancer (MvC) charity which he set up in 2010, as well as a second cause called Support Your Bowel.

And when all his efforts are combined, he has raised £131,500.

His efforts have not gone unnoticed. One colleague contacted the Hartlepool Mail to nominate Tony for the fundraiser of the year section of the Pride of Hartlepool awards.

One friend, Angela Lee who fundraises for MvC, told us: “Tony appears to have transformed his brush with cancer as a fuel to make a difference. He and his family relentlessly spend hours arranging, liaising and organising events and always keep smiling. He personally speaks openly about his experiences and encourages others to act quickly.”

But Tony told us: “It is nice to be nominated and recognised for the work that we do, but it is not what we do it for.

“It is about trying to raise money for the causes that we support.”

Ever since, MusicvCancer was formed, it has supported local NHS cancer services. It has already paid for an ultrasound machine designed to detect the early signs of bowel cancer which is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK.

But just as importantly, it has raised awareness of the disease.

Tony added: “It is really good of someone to nominate me.”

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