Top 10 on Twitter

HARTLEPOOL featured in the top 10 rankings of the most-listed topics on a social networking site as news of the drama unfolded.

The town was ranked in the top 10 UK trends on the Twitter website around yesterday lunchtime.

It remained in the most-talked about section for more than an hour.

Hartlepool and news of the circumstances around the incidents near Steetley and Hartlepool Marina were constantly featured on the site, where people can “tweet” updates about news or events.

As well as local people concerned about what was going on, ex-pats and people from other parts of the country could also post comments about the incident.

One ‘tweeter’ wrote: “Car explosion in Hartlepool. Nothing to do with terrorism.”

Another posted the message: “Couldn’t believe Hartlepool was trending and now I know why, so sad.”

Another said: “OMG... what exactly happened in Hartlepool?? I’m interested now.”

A fourth said: “It isn’t often Hartlepool trends on Twitter.”

There were regular updates from official sources during the day on both our website and our Facebook page.

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