Top 10 spot for homes provider

Cath Purdy
Cath Purdy

A HOUSING provider has been given the thumbs-up by residents after being named in the top 10 associations in the country for customer satisfaction.

Housing Hartlepool has fared well in a national survey carried out on behalf of the housing association by the independent body BMG Research.

The levels of tenant satisfaction are demonstrated in these key findings:

l In terms of customers expressing satisfaction with the overall service provided, at 91.5 per cent, Housing Hartlepool is well above the national average of 79 per cent and puts it among the top 10 per cent of housing associations in the country.

l For repairs and maintenance, satisfaction among Housing Hartlepool customers is even higher with 91.7 per cent, compared to the average national rating of 75.3 per cent and above the regional average of 78.8 per cent.

l Satisfaction levels for tenants’ views being taken into account by Housing Hartlepool is 73.3 per cent, which is well above the national average of 64 per cent and the regional score of 66.8 per cent.

l A total of 97 per cent of tenants who have had a repair completed during the last 12 months rate the attitude of Housing Hartlepool’s repairs and maintenance staff as “good” or “very good”.

l 88 per cent of tenants believed Housing Hartlepool is good at keeping them informed with more than two-fifths ranking the housing association as very good in this respect.

l The “vast majority” of tenants (93 per cent) found Housing Hartlepool’s staff helpful.

Cath Purdy, chief executive of Vela Group, which includes Housing Hartlepool, said: “The high levels of satisfaction revealed in this survey are testament to the hard work, dedication, attitude and skills of all our staff.

“The satisfaction of customers also reflects the strong links we have forged with other agencies that are also dedicated to improving residents’ quality of life and enhancing their communities and neighbourhoods.

“As the report says, particularly with regard to the quality of our repairs and maintenance teams, we can take heart from the findings.

“However we are not complacent and we will use all customer feedback to improve our services even further for benefit of our residents.”