Top bands lined up for charity evening

A CASH-strapped music venue is holding a fund-raising event to try and boost its finances.

The Studio, in Tower Street, Hartlepool, is a music facility and charity based in a £1m converted baptist church.

Bosses encourage participation in and enjoyment of music by all members of the community, particularly those disadvantaged people who have had little opportunity to experience and enjoy arts activities through lack of easy access or lack of money.

But like several other self-funded ventures across Hartlepool, The Studio is in need of much-needed funding and it is hoped a charity night on Saturday, January 29 featuring several local bands will help boost the coffers.

The line up now includes Mercedes, Mog, Sleeperman, White Negroes, Peter Scott and DJ sessions from NEEB’s Waites & Wainy.

All of the acts have given up their time free of charge, and all money raised through ticket sales will help the venue’s management provide access to recording, rehearsal and training facilities for the wider community.

Tickets for the event cost £5, and more information is available from The Studio office on (01429) 424440.