Top drivers head to Hartlepool as town hosts round of British Autotest Championship

Cars in action. Picture: Joe Spence.
Cars in action. Picture: Joe Spence.

Drivers from across the country will show off their skills behind the wheel when Hartlepool hosts a round of the British Autotest Championship this weekend.

Autotesting is a low speed, high skill sport and Hartlepool & District Motor Club has had the honour of running a round of the national championship for over 50 years.

A car park at Middleton Grange shopping centre will be split into two courses on Sunday, June 11, with 16 tests planned.

Specatators will get great views from raised walkways overlooking the car park behind York Road from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

There will be a diverse selection of cars in action including Minis, BMW, Caterham, Fiat and various specially built autotest cars headed by the 380 Kilo Blitz of Dave Evans from Shropshire.

Chris Langan of Hartlepool & District Motor Club said: “This is the only British Championship Autotest between Leeds and Scotland.

“Autotesting is a very precise section of motor sport, although not high speed it sometimes looks it as the drivers perform controlled handbrake turns, 360 degree spins and plenty of sideways slides which are the crowd’s favorite.

“It is expected to be a very close competition with timing to 100th of a second on the very special equipment designed and built specially for the Hartlepool Motor Club.”

Marshals and helpers are always required. The motor club is also searcing for a new venue for the Club’s 10 event due to the car parking changes in Seaton Carew.

You can find out more about the motor club on its Facebok page.