Town artist to go on show

AN artist from Hartlepool is displaying his works in an art gallery exhibition.

Talented town painter Stanley Davison’s collection of work – called Thoughts, Memories, Dreams and Observations – will go on show at Hartlepool Art Gallery, in Church Square, in the new year.

Born in Scotland to Hartlepool parents, the 63-year-old self-taught artist has lived on the town’s Headland for most of his life and finds his inspiration in the town’s people, places and its lifestyle.

He said: “I have been inspired by a collection of thoughts, memories and dreams.

“I never stop looking at the world around me and I am obsessed by those who occupy it.

“Every single thing I look at is scrutinised and thought of in terms of how I would paint it – and I really do mean everything.

“I love looking at and painting the sea, local landscapes, animals and trees.

“I am also fascinated by people and their daily lives, both work and leisure.

“A lot of my work is done from photographs and drawings.

“But it is put together to form dreamscapes, it is both reality and surreal.”

The 60-plus paintings in the exhibition include the themes of animals, stones, wood, people and places.

Stanley and members of his family also feature in many of them.

He said: “Many of the paintings are a portrayal of my life and are influenced by chapters and incidents from it.

“I have also been influenced by the work of artists throughout history, especially the old masters, some of whom I pay homage to in my work.

“There are elements of Velazquez and Caravaggio in my paintings, as well as Salvador Dali as well.

“It is hard for me to describe my work to people who have never seen it before – the best way is for them to come and see it for themselves.”

Ashley Landsbury, Hartlepool Borough Council’s cultural officer, added: “We are delighted to host this fascinating exhibition of Stanley’s work.

“To add to the event we are challenging local musicians and bands to create a piece of music, a song or a soundbite inspired by the paintings.

“All the pieces of music will be used within the exhibition to further enhance visitors’ perception of it.”

Any musicians interested in taking part should contact Ashley on (01429) 523442.

The exhibition will go on show from Saturday, January 12, until Saturday, March 16. Entry is free.

The gallery is open Tuesdays to Fridays 10am to 4.30pm, and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.