Town footballer sacked by crisis club

SACKED: Former Darlington player Paul Arnison checks the North East jobstoday website
SACKED: Former Darlington player Paul Arnison checks the North East jobstoday website
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A TOWN footballer was yesterday told he was being sacked with immediate effect – but could yet be turning out for his crisis club in a game at the weekend.

Former Hartlepool United full-back Paul Arnison spoke in the Hartlepool Mail last week about his fears of being thrown on the scrapheap as his current club Darlington battle for their future after being placed into administration following another cash crisis.

And those fears became reality yesterday when the 34-year-old and his team-mates were called into a meeting with the administrators and told their contracts were being terminated with immediate effect.

But Paul, who lives in Granville Avenue, in Hartlepool, says the administrators who handed out the letters have called another meeting for tomorrow, and the sacked players could be asked to play for the club in Saturday’s home game with Fleetwood Town if the stricken Quakers manage to survive to the end of the week.

Dad-of-two Paul said: “We’re all still in limbo to be honest, and when we were told there was a meeting I think we had all hoped it was to give us some good news.

“As you can imagine, the lads were gutted. The letter just said ‘we regret to advise you that the company is no longer in a position to make payment to you for services rendered’.

“It then said our contracts were being cancelled with immediate effect, because Tuesday is the cut off point for the club being in administration for 14 days.

“After 14 days, from what I can gather the administrators are liable to pay the wage bill, and obviously they aren’t going to do that.

“The lads haven’t been paid for weeks, and even though we were promised £200 for playing at Barrow in our last game, we’re still waiting for that.

“There have been bucket collections at other clubs, the fans have raised money, but we are yet to see a penny of it. People are asking where it has gone.

“I’m not afraid to speak out about it because officially, I’ve been sacked. The administrators were there at the meeting and we all asked questions, but it was all very abrupt and we didn’t really get any answers.

“We have been told there is a another meeting on Wednesday, and we could get some good news.

“That could mean we get to play on Saturday if some sort of package is put in place to keep the club afloat. They are talking about getting a big crowd in which would obviously raise some cash, but the players need to be paid.

“As I said last week, some of lads have no money to put petrol in their cars to get to training.

“We’re now in a position where we don’t know what to expect. Do we turn up for training in the hope we have a game at the weekend? Do we go and look for other jobs now, or try and find other clubs?

“The whole situation is a nightmare and once again we’re all left playing the waiting game.”