Town goes crazy for Disney books

Evie-Mae Owston, three holding her Disney book
Evie-Mae Owston, three holding her Disney book

THE magical Disney collection is underway – and the first book is all yours.

Hartlepool went Disney-crazy yesterday as thousands picked up the first book in the stunning Wonderful World of Knowledge collection absolutely free.

Newsagents and newspaper sellers had their counters stacked high with the brightly coloured and brilliantly illustrated Dinosaurs book.

Children finished school and made their way to the nearest shop to get their hands on a copy.

Mail readers made their way around the town centre with newspaper and book in hand as Mickey, Minnie and friends all made their way into Hartlepool.

And this is just the start of the fantastic 24-book Disney collection.

Three-year old Evie-Mae Owston, a pupil at Ward Jackson Primary School nursery, was all smiles after she picked up her copy.

Her mum, Hayley White, 23, a shop worker, who lives near Hartlepool town centre, said: “Evie-Mae loves reading.

“She loves Disney as well so this is brilliant.

“I think she will have lots of fun reading this.

“She was over the moon when we gave her the book.”

Newspaper seller Denise Norman said the books were going down a storm.

She said: “They were very popular.

“Children were coming with their mums and dads to get the paper and walking away smiling with their books.

“They were flying off my counter.”

Newsagent Mike Westhorp, 59, who runs Westhorp News, in Mulgrave Road, in Hartlepool, said readers were in to pick up their copy as soon as they went on sale.

He said: “I had quite a few people coming in on Monday and asking about the books, and they were back yesterday to get their copy.

“Everybody seems to think it’s absolutely brilliant.

“I have been in the business for 16 years and this is one of the most popular promotions I have seen.”

After the excitement of yesterday’s big giveaway, it’s now just six days until readers can get their hands on the second title in the series.

Keep your eyes peeled for tokens in your Mail to guarantee a copy of Planet Earth to continue building up the fantastic collection.

Remember, with tokens each book is available for just £2.99. Copies of the Dinosaurs book are still available while stocks last by buying a copy of the Mail from our Wesley Square office.