Town MP attends Thatcher tribute session

ATTENDED: Hartlepool MP Iain Wright
ATTENDED: Hartlepool MP Iain Wright

THERE was a mixed showing of the North-East’s MPs at a tribute to Margaret Thatcher.

The House of Commons was recalled from its recess so members could pay tribute to Lady Thatcher following the death of the controversial former Prime Minister on Monday.

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright attended despite earlier saying he entered politics because he “disagreed fundamentally” with her social and economic policies.

But MP for Easington, the scene of pit closures under Thatcher in the Eighties, did not attend.

He said on Twitter: “Have a mountain of constituency casework courtesy of #thatcherlegacy.”

Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North, said he also was not at the sitting.

He said he believed his time was better spent serving the people in his constituency, many of whom, he added suffered considerably under Thatcher’s premiership.

But Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson did attend.