Town teachers work with university lecturers

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A town school is helping its students to aim higher.

Teachers at Dyke House Sports and Technology College were visited by 15 academics from a number of universities, to talk about getting more students in the town to fulfil their academic potential.

“I was really blown away by what Dyke House is trying to achieve.”

Lucina Stuart

Lucina Stuart, a teaching fellow at Durham University, said: “I was really blown away by what Dyke House is trying to achieve.

“Just to witness the ways that Dyke House students come out of classes (silently and in single lines) was enough to impress me. I also found the learning environment truly awesome.”

“Thank goodness there are people out there, like the people at Dyke House, who really genuinely care for their students.”

The visit from the academics was part of the Continuous Personal Development sessions the staff at Dyke House attend every Monday after school.

Academics toured the school and listened to a speech from school principal Andrew Jordon.

Mr Jordon said: “Hartlepool historically has not sent students to university. For example in 2013-14 there were only 34 students who achieved A-B-B or above who could go to a highly selected institution.

“That is not an accurate reflection of the talent in Hartlepool. This was about building on the work we have done in the aspirations programme at Dyke House, enabling the students to achieve their potential.

“We have a missing talent, stated by the Sutton Trust which looks to improve mobility through education. At Key Stage Two, data suggests students should do well at GCSE level but loads don’t progress on to A-levels.”