Town woman to volunteer at Games

Sue Watson.
Sue Watson.

A KEEN rower has been given what she has described as the “ultimate honour” to volunteer at the Olympic Games.

Sue Watson, who is also a member of Greatham Parish Council, was granted the opportunity after she applied for the position that will see her get a once-in-a-lifetime job during the 2012 London Games.

Her role will see her help the world’s best photographers capture moments from the Games’ rowing and canoeing competitions.

The 59-year-old, who has competed in rowing competitions for Tees Rowing Club, based in Stockton, for 10 years, was one of 250,000 people from across the country to apply for one of the 70,000 volunteering jobs.

And she can’t wait.

“I’m excited, but I’m really, really nervous,” said Sue, who lives in Greatham village, on the outskirts of Hartlepool.

“It’s such a big thing, it’s the ultimate honour really.

“It’s such an enormous event and I want to do a really good job. I’m looking forward to meeting everybody and getting stuck in but there is an element of trepidation.

“I’m sure all the other volunteers are feeling the same though.”

Sue, who lives with her council worker husband Anthony, 51 added: “I volunteered for the Tall Ships Races when they came to Hartlepool and I was told that if I did that I could apply to be a volunteer for the Olympics.

“I’ve been into sport all of my life so it seemed like the natural thing to do for me and something I really wanted to do so I signed up for it and was given the opportunity.”

Sue, who was a full-time PE teacher and now works as a supply teacher, applied for the position over a year ago and had to travel to The Baltic, in Newcastle, for an interview.

She will now travel to the capital on Monday, July 24, where she will stay in a caravan and will be treated to a dress rehearsal of the Olympic opening ceremony in the main arena on the following Wednesday.

This is prior to her starting her duties on July 28, which includes ensuring the photographers have the best possible place to take their photographs and have access to all the facilities they need.

Sue added: “I’ll probably be near the finish lines so if I get an opportunity and see the television cameras, I’ll give a wave.”

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