This is why traffic will be moving as slow as 5mph on the A1 today

File picture: A1 congestion in Northumberland
File picture: A1 congestion in Northumberland

Motorists have been old to expect delays as an abnormal load will travel down on the A1 at speeds as slow as 5mph.

Police will be escorting an 'abnormal load', which weighs 165 tonnes and is 3 metres wide, on the A1 southbound between the Scotland border and Durham.

The escort is due to set off today at 11am and the max speed will be just 30mph.

It may be travelling as slowly as just 5mph while travelling uphill.

Motorists have been warned there will have been traffic congestion a various points of the journey.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: "Police will be escorting an abnormal load on the A1 between Scotland & Durham today setting off at 11am.

"The escort will only travel at 30mph so there will be traffic congestion which will be managed around the load at various points. Please be aware if using the A1 south today."