Tragic woman took own life

A HEARTBROKEN young woman took her own life after struggling to get over a break-up with her boyfriend, an inquest heard.

Tragic Kirsty Hornsey, who was just 23, killed herself at home two days before Valentine’s Day.

Hartlepool Coroner’s Court heard that she was unable to get over the break-up with her boyfriend.

She took her own life by hanging herself at her home in King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool, where she lived with her mum and step-father.

They desperately tried to revive Kirsty after finding her in her bedroom on Saturday, February 12, but it was too late.

Police carried out an investigation and found no suspicious circumstances.

Kirsty had left notes in her diary and on her laptop computer expressing how much she missed her boyfriend after the relationship ended towards the end of last year.

Hartlepool coroner Malcolm Donnelly said: “I think she was upset by the break-up of a relationship and had difficulty getting over it.

“This was obviously such an important thing to her. She just found it too much to bear.”

The inquest heard how Kirsty, a shop assistant, had self-harmed in the past which resulted in her receiving hospital treatment.

But Mr Donnelly said Kirsty’s former boyfriend was in no way to blame for what happened and her family said they were still on good terms with him.

Mr Donnelly told Kirsty’s grief-stricken family present at the hearing: “He will feel a degree of responsibility, but sometimes things are just not to be.

“It’s just so sad that it has to end like this.

“I can’t begin to put myself in your place and it’s awful that you have to go through all this as well.”

Mr Donnelly recorded a verdict that Kirsty killed herself.