Train sex pest groped woman

A SEX pest fondled and groped a woman’s breasts as she sat on a train.

Mechanic Richard Alan Weipert was returning from York to Hartlepool with friends and sat near his victim in one of the carriages.

Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard how he started to make comments about the woman’s breasts before he reached out, without warning, and grabbed one.

The shocked woman told the 29-year-old to stop. But minutes later he took some tissue from his trouser pocket and told her to cover up her chest.

He then tried to put the tissue down the front of her top until it became lodged in her cleavage.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, reported the incident to police and Weipert was later arrested.

District Judge Martin Walker read the British Transport Police’s outline of the case and said: “This offence was against a woman over the age of 16 where she makes it quite clear that she doesn’t want it. It was fondling and grabbing of the woman’s breasts outside the clothing.

“He was about a foot away from her and he made comments about her breasts. Then, without any warning, he grabbed her left breast, taking hold of it and feeling it.

“He was told to behave and move his hand. He again tried a few seconds later and tried to put some tissue down the front of her dress and she removed the tissue. It caused her distress and concern.”

Weipert, who lives with his partner in Royston Grove, in the Fens area of Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to committing sexual assault.

Mitigating, Barry Gray said when his client boarded the train back to Hartlepool he sat near to the woman and had a bit of “banter” with her while others he was with on the train carried on drinking.

He added: “Where he steps entirely into the wrong is that he makes remarks about the shape, size and endowment of this lady’s chest which he thought would be acceptable bearing in mind the general situation of the party atmosphere that was ensuing.

“At one point he leaned over and groped her and she told him to ‘pack it in’. She didn’t fall out with him and they continued talking.

“He then produced a tissue from his pocket. He said ‘you really ought to cover those up you know’ and he tried to carry out that act but she objected.

“Then the tissue got lodged in her cleavage and she said ‘look stop it’. He noticed she was upset and that he’d gone too far and he apologised.

“She did not move away.”

Police say the incident took place over 20 minutes and Weipert, who has no previous convictions, groped the woman between 15 and 20 times.

But Weipert claimed he touched the woman twice.

Weipert, a heavy goods vehicle mechanic, was ordered to return to court for sentencing on August 9 following the preparation of a probation service report.