The Hartlepool roads where YOU want to see speed limit changes

Motorists have been sharing their views on Hartlepool’s roads – and highlighting the routes where they would like to see a change in speed limit

Monday, 25th October 2021, 9:42 am

We asked the Hartlepool Mail readers on our Facebook page to name a town road where they think a change in speed limit is necessary.

Dozens of people got in touch to share their views, with suggestions ranging from additional traffic calming measures to a reduction in the limit.

Some also highlighted roads where they think the limit should be increased to suit the route and its traffic levels.

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Readers have been sharing their views on the roads they think need a speed limit change.

National speed limits dictate the following:

*A speed limit of 30mph in built-up areas

*A speed limit of 60mph on single carriageways

*A speed limit of 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways

Local councils are also able to set their own speed limits in certain areas – including 20mph in built-up areas near schools, or 50mph on a stretch of road with sharp bends – but these must be clearly signed.

This is what you had to say on the issue. Click here to add your own suggestion to the post.

Cairnston Road and Tarnston Road

Ann Dixon said: "Cairnston Road and Tarnston Road. Lots of speeding drivers.”

Challoner Road

Suggested by Pamela Anderson

Chester Road

Suggested by James Henderson, Karen Pattinson and Mary Gilbraith.

Karen said: “Chester Road is shocking. The speed some of the cars go is unbelievable.”

Mary said: “Top of Chester Road been changed to 20mph but you wouldn't know it, some must be doing 40.”

Coniscliffe Road

Suggested by Victoria White and Alex Park

Easington Road

Jeremy Sharpe said: “Easington Road being a 30 is ridiculous, it has fencing both sides. Should be 40mph at least.”

Elwick Road

Suggested by Kim Robinson, Alex Park, Claire Eddy Jenkinson and Joyce Appleton.

Kim said: “Elwick Road, up from High Tunstall. People come down there way too fast and only a matter of time before a child is injured or worse crossing for school.”

Grange Road

Gill Abbott said: “Grange Road like the F1 after 8pm.”

Owton Manor Lane

Suggested by Lesley Boase and Barry Kenny.

Pine Grove

Deborah Mitchell said: “Pine Grove where the bungalows are. It’s like a race track with cars up and down. They go too fast.”

Powlett Road

Simon Thompson said: “Powlett Road, the current 70mph after dawn speed limit is nuts.”

Rossmere Way

Martin John said: “Rossmere Way should have traffic calming.”

Yvonne Etheridge said: "Yes Rossmere Way, way too fast for children at two schools.”

Sandringham Road

John Mccullagh said: “Put Sandringham Road back to 30mph and take the speed humps away.”

Willow Grove

Suggested by June Martin

Woodstock Way

Jeffrey Neal said: “Woodstock Way, it's a race track at times.”

Wynyard Road

Martin John said: “Wynyard Road from the shops up to Eskdale Road.”

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