Some of the cheapest places where you can buy petrol in Hartlepool./Photo: Google Maps

Where is the cheapest petrol in Hartlepool as price drop predicted by the end of July

As the AA predicted prices could drop by up to 20p per litre by the end of the month, we look at the cheapest places to fill up your tank across Hartlepool.

Tuesday, 26th July 2022, 12:59 pm

Petrol prices previously soared, reaching record highs of 191.53p per litre for petrol in the first week of July.

However there has been a slight decrease since then, with the AA saying retailers have begun to pass on reductions in the wholesale cost of fuel.

Here, we reveal the latest prices of unleaded litres of petrol across Hartlepool, according to

Please note prices may fluctuate over time.

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