Trapped dog rescued from bunker

FIREFIGHTERS took part in a three-hour seaside rescue to save a dog that had become stuck down a hole.

Max, a terrier Jack Russell-cross, had clambered down a gap under a concrete bunker near the Blue Lagoon, in Hartlepool, and got himself stuck “several feet” down.

His distraught owner called out a crew from Stranton Fire Station after he failed to coax his pet out of the North Gare gap.

The firefighters grabbed hand tools and dug for three hours to make the hole wide enough so they could reach in and pull the dog out unharmed.

Lee Ryan, crew manager at Stranton Fire Station, said: “It was quite an unusual job, a bit out of the norm and gave us plenty of practice.

“But it was a nice job though, as there was a happy ending to it all.”

The dog’s middle-aged owner had called out firefighters at 2.05pm on Sunday after he had spent more than an hour struggling himself to get his pet to safety.

The hole was under an old bunker that had been back-filled with rubble and topped off with concrete.

Max had found a small gap and raced downwards and was unable to turn and clamber back out.

Mr Ryan added: “We had to use hand tools that we have in a tool box in the appliances because of the rubble.

“We slowly broke it up until we could get in ourselves and pull the dog out.

“He seemed happy enough and it was good to see him reunited with his owner, who was very thankful.”