Trapped teenager rescued

A TEENAGE boy hung upside down for more than half an hour after entangling himself in a climbing frame.

Firefighters were called to rescue the 15-year-old who had lost all feeling in his legs after jamming them between the bars.

The crew from Stranton Fire Station had to cut through the frame in Clavering Park, Hartlepool, to free him shortly before 7.10pm yesterday.

A spokesman for the station said: “He was hanging upside down for more than half an hour. He’d somehow got himself completely stuck in the bars and couldn’t get out.”

The teenager was given first aid at the scene before being taken to hospital for a precautionary check-up.

Firefighters were also called to tackle a blaze inside a chimney.

A crew from Peterlee Fire Station was called to a fire at a house in Forster Square in Wingate.

The incident at around 1.50pm yesterday was thought to have been caused by an accumulation of soot in the flue.