Travelling through time with Disney

Quayside assistant Stuart Hanrahan looks through the Great Travellers and Explorers book
Quayside assistant Stuart Hanrahan looks through the Great Travellers and Explorers book

Disney characters are travelling to Hartlepool next week when the next title in the Wonderful World of Knowledge series hits town.

Mail readers can collect their token for the next book in the series, Great Travellers and Explorers, in four days’ time.

From finding out all about early navigational methods, to learning the differences between the unique cultures throughout the world, the book is full of interesting stats and facts, all illustrated by Mickey and the rest of the gang.

Residents in Hartlepool do not have to travel far to get a first-hand taste of life aboard a ship.

The HMS Trincomalee, which sits proudly in Jackson Dock, Hartlepool, is the oldest ship still afloat in the UK.

General manager at HMS Trincomalee, David McKnight, said the history of the travellers and explorers is fascinating.

He added: “There is so much people can find out about the history of travellers.

“We get a lot of people coming to HMS Trincomalee wanting to find out things such as the nutrition of sailors when they used to travel on particularly long voyages and their day-to-day experiences.

“I think people, especially children, learn best through active learning in ways that are interesting and excite and inspire them.

“We are lucky to have a facility such as HMS Trincomalee so close to home.”

As well as life travelling the ocean, the book looks at the role of slavery, religious beliefs and different languages.

The Great Travellers and Explorers is the sixth book in the series available with your Mail.

In past weeks readers have had the chance to build up the Disney collection with Dinosaurs, Planet Earth, The Human Body, From Stone Age and Space Age and Wonders of the Sea all available for just £2.99 with tokens from the Mail.

The rest of the books in the 24-title series will be available in the coming months.