Treasure trove of pictures waiting to be claimed

Elain Bennett with some of the photographs
Elain Bennett with some of the photographs

THE Mail has piles of photographs which belong to readers – and we are keen to get them back to their owners.

Over the last five years, readers have brought hundreds of photographs into the Mail reception, in New Clarence House, to be used in the births, marriages and deaths announcement page.

But for one reason or another, customers haven’t picked up a lot of the photographs, with three boxes of the hand-ins still in our town centre office.

Anyone who has brought a photograph in is now reminded that they can pop by the Mail office, in Wesley Square, Hartlepool, at any time to pick them back up.

Catherine Burgon, who works on the front desk in the Mail’s office, said: “We are probably going back about four or five years with the photographs and some of them are absolutely lovely.

“I’m sure the owners would love to have them back. It may have just slipped their mind that they brought them to us and then never picked them back up.

“It would be nice if we were able to give them back to their owners.”

Baby photographs, wedding pictures and school photographs are just some of the hundreds of images in the Mail office.

The office, in New Clarence House, is open from 8am-4.30pm Monday-Friday.

The reception can be contacted by ringing (01429) 239333.