Tremor in arm was first sign

SINCE leaving school, Graham Collinson had earned a living as a carpet fitter.

And it was at work when he first noticed a tremor in his right arm.

The dad-of-one joked that he thought it was an indication that he needed to cut back on the alcohol.

But the tremor had a much more serious underlying cause – Graham was suffering with MS.

“The day I had to quit work, that’s when it really hit me,” said Graham, who lives at Hartlepool marina.

“When I first noticed the tremor I never once thought it would be anything like MS.

“The fatigue is a major thing, I don’t know how I am going to feel when I wake up on a morning.

“All we can do is control what we do on a day-to-day basis.”

Fortunately, unlike Lindsay, Graham wasn’t diagnosed with primary-progressive MS.

But like Lindsay, he never spends a second feeling sorry for himself and has an admirable philosophy on life with the condition.

“As tough as it gets I always think there is someone else who is worse off than me,” added Graham.

The dad of 19-year-old Daniel said the MS support group, set up by Lindsay and Sylvia, has been a “huge” help for sufferers.

He added: “It’s good to be able to talk to people, they may have been suffering with similar symptoms to yourself.

“The group has been fantastic.”